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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It just ain't right....

I don't know if you guys heard of this,...but there have been people out there who has been fired because of the content that they put on their blogs. A girl got fired for making fun of her co-workers, a man got fired for making fun of his company, and another quit because his boss was restricting his content that he can use on his blog. Do you think this is right? Can you get fired for something totally not related to work? Don't we have rights? Freedom of Speech? Can our workplace restrain us from our personal lives? This is just nonsense.....
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I'll let you guys in on a secret. I made this blog because it was for a grade in one of my classes. My class focused mainly on weblogs, and we each had to maintain our own blogs. I was to update it at least 3 times a week and build a community. I think I met my goals....but now that school is over....I'm just too damn lazy to make any efforts you know.
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Sunday, May 02, 2004

High school sucked...

High school was the worse memory for me. I hated High school just because there were so many social groups. It's no wonder there are so many hatred toward other students in their high school. I mean I wasn't a geek, freak, or nerd....I was a pretty normal kid....and even being normal...I still hated high school. The thing was.....I hated the snobby girls and the jocky boys (ugh). They think they can rule the whole school, which I bet they could. If they didn't exist, I'm pretty sure my high school days would be fine. I don't know why I have so much hatred towards them....maybe because they're just sooooo annoying!! Anyhow, I'm so glad my high school days are over. Are you??

And now that I'm about to graduate from college, I realize that life now doesn't matter which social group you hung out with. Who cares about the snobby girls and the jocks, they're nothing now. The freaks, geeks, nerds, jocks, and snobs are all mixed and blended as adults that it doesn't matter what you were. What matters is what you make of yourselves now!!
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